An introduction to the taliban an extremist militia group in afghanistan

an introduction to the taliban an extremist militia group in afghanistan The taliban is a predominantly pashtun, islamic fundamentalist group that ruled afghanistan from 1996 until 2001, when a us-led invasion toppled the regime for providing refuge to al-qaeda and.

A member of the taliban's religious police beating an afghan woman in kabul on august 26, 2001 the footage, filmed by the revolutionary association of the women of afghanistan, can be seen here. Afghanistan: anti-taliban fighters anti-taliban fighters observing us bombing of the cave sanctuaries of the al-qaeda terrorist organization in the tora bora mountains of afghanistan on december 16, 2001.

According to unama, the taliban separated women and children from men, and shot dead at least nine alp and other pro-government militia members, along with 27 male civilians among them were four.

The taliban (pashto: طالبان ‬ ‎ ṭālibān students) or taleban, who refer to themselves as the islamic emirate of afghanistan (iea), are a sunni islamic fundamentalist political movement in afghanistan currently waging war (an insurgency, or jihad) within that country since 2016, the taliban's leader is mawlawi hibatullah akhundzada. The current leadership structure, known as the quetta shura, is composed of the leaders of the afghan taliban, and has been based in quetta, pakistan since the collapse of the islamic emirate of afghanistan in 2001.

The counter extremism project maintains a database of information about extremist groups, including their leaders, history, financing, violent activities, government designations, and rhetoric asl is a violent terrorist group that seeks to implement sharia in libya the taliban conducts a violent insurgency in afghanistan (afghan. The taliban is a fundamentalist islamic militia group in 1995, the taliban militia took over afghanistan and set up an islamic government the taliban enforced a strict muslim code of behavior, sharia law, punishing or killing anyone who did not follow their interpretation of islamic law.

Afghanistan's islamic taliban militia, which today controls nearly all of afghanistan, is also harboring fugitive terrorism suspect osama bin laden the taliban has become the primary focus of a.

An introduction to the taliban an extremist militia group in afghanistan

Iran, a shiite theocracy, was once militarily opposed to the sunni extremist taliban, but it is now believed to be backing the group as a lesser evil and an antidote to the islamic state, a more.

Afghanistan, taliban and the al-qaida – a brief history wwwijhssiorg 63 | pag creating the taliban and in 19968 pakistan was the first country to recognize the new regime relations between pakistan and afghanistan remain tense and the former’s role in supporting the.

An introduction to the taliban an extremist militia group in afghanistan
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