The bombing of the rainbow warrior

Rainbow warrior - bombing (q1) study guide by vandynz includes 30 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. 30 years ago on the 10 july 1985, the rainbow warrior prepares to lead a flotilla of ships from new zealand to moruroa to peacefully protest against french nuclear testing french agents bomb and. Rainbow warrior crew members who survived the bombing said this weekend that they were still angry about the terrorist actions of the french government, but accepted that cabon and her co. Went aboard the rainbow warrior on the evening of the bombing, allegedly to provide the dgse agents with information used to time the bombing he arrived on the same day as tonel and camurier and changed his ticket to fly out for tahiti shortly before the explosions. The night of the bombing o’sullivan had been allowed ashore on leave on the night two french agents detonated limpet mines and sank the rainbow warrior as it sat in auckland harbour in 1985.

“since setting sail in 1978 the rainbow warrior has been on the frontline of the struggle against environmental abuse,” kumi naidoo, greenpeace international’s executive director, said at the keel laying ceremony, which took place on 10 july 2010 – the 25th anniversary of the bombing of the original rainbow warrior. In 1985, french secret service agents planted two bombs and sank our ship the rainbow warrior one crew member was killed it was an instance when a government chose to respond to peaceful protest with deadly force. Bombing the rainbow warrior michael king announcing the release of this new bwb text by michael king, available as an e-book from the bwb website and global e-bookstores. The bombing of the rainbow warrior was a huge event in new zealand that occurred on 10 july 1985 the bombing of the rainbow warrior was caused by nuclear testing in the pacific, new zealand opposing to nuclear testing in the pacific, new zealand's anti-nuclear.

The bombing of the rainbow warrior only sounds shocking if we do not take into account the full history of french interference of groups who might oppose their nuclear testing pattern france was very concerned about the activities of greenpeace- they had agents infiltrate the group. The attack on the rainbow warrior caused an international scandal and greatly deteriorated the relationship between the once friendly countries of new zealand and france greenpeace’s flagship: the rainbow warrior by 1985, greenpeace was an international environmentalist organization of great renown founded in 1971, greenpeace had worked diligently over the years to help save whales and. A french spy who infiltrated the environmentalist group greenpeace and in 1985 helped bomb the organization’s flagship, the rainbow warrior, has spoken to the media for the first time. Shipwrecks diving into history the bombing of the rainbow warrior by lawrence paterson near motutapere island, three hours by boat north of auckland, lies a dive site both exhilarating and tragic.

The bombing of the rainbow warrior was an historical event in new zealand that occurred on july 10th 1985 at auckland’s waitemata harbour when french secret service agents planted two bombs on the hull of greenpeace’s flagship, the rainbow warrior which sunk the flagship killing one crew member. The bombing of the rainbow warrior was planned simply to sink the ship, disrupting new zealand and greenpeace’s ability to protest, and also sending a message to the protesters, that there was opposition to this anti-nuclear protest. Two french secret service agents have dramatically changed their pleas on charges relating to the bombing of the rainbow warrior in auckland harbour, new zealand. And when the rainbow warrior docked in auckland in july 1985, it was in the middle of voyages to draw attention to all sorts of environmental issues greenpeace had protested nuclear tests, acid rain, whaling, attacks on dolphins and the dumping of toxic waste.

The bombing of the rainbow warrior

The police detective who investigated the 1985 rainbow warrior bombing says there are still unanswered questions about the involvement of the french spy who infiltrated greenpeace prior to the attack. Twenty years ago, the greenpeace flagship rainbow warrior was bombed by french government agents and sunk in a harbor in auckland, new zealand the french newspaper le monde recently revealed that. September 18, 1985, page 00001 the new york times archives a leading french newspaper reported today that the sinking of the anti-nuclear protest vessel rainbow warrior was the work of french. The rainbow warrior was a ship that was used by greenpeace international to bring attention to environmental issues and to help bring about changes in fishing, whaling, and nuclear armament in 1985, the ship was sunk in a bombing in a harbor in new zealand, killing a photographer.

  • In fact, the rainbow warrior bombing had the opposite effect it helped to further mobilise and galvanise the nuclear-free movement in new zealand the result was a significant increase in public support for new zealand’s nuclear free policy,.
  • 10 years ago on the 10th of july 1985 2 limpet mine bombs set by french dgse agents on the greenpeace flagship the rainbow warrior shook new zealand’s history forever.

Dive the rainbow warrior after the bombing greenpeace gifted the warrior to the sea and she now lies as an artificial reef in the cavallii islands, a refuge for the marine life she was sunk trying to protectat a max depth of 26m the warrior is now home to a huge variety of aquatic life and is a world renowned dive site. While the new zealand public was still unaware of just who was behind the bombing of the rainbow warrior, cabinet ministers had known within three days of the blasts that the finger of suspicion. Opinion: the history of terrorism in new zealand is thankfully short in 1951 an explosive was placed near a huntly railway bridge during the waterfront dispute there was a suicide bomb attack on.

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The bombing of the rainbow warrior
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